Foundation - Where are we coming from? Identification of the "system" and where we fit. What are the "working constraints" of our system?
  • Description of district
  • Curriculum Renewal Cycle (Here is something I'd like to throw out for discussion among the group--is the five year cycle too long? With the changes we see in the sources of information, do some curricula need to be looked at more frequently?)
  • How does one identify need? Students, parents, teachers, administrators, community
  • Different needs - Different departments - Different approaches to this process (i.e. Science, Connections, TCC, H & PE, Math, etc.)
  • Tackling change

Essential Questions
Where does the change in curriculum come from: top-down or bottom-up? Traditionally, change comes solely from the top, but is that the best model? Where should the meeting place lie between student- and teacher-driven curriculum creation and administrator-led curriculum creation? This conversation will revolve around the essential types of input stakeholders have into curriculum, the changing nature of professional development, the addition of disruptive technologies to the process of course creation, and the direction that curriculum development will take in the future.

Conversations - Small Group / Large Group
  • How do you feel when you hear that you have a curriculum meeting, or that it is "your turn" to redo curriculum? Honestly, how do you feel? Four Corners: Love it! Play Ball, Lead me down the path. Not for me. - Get into the past experience with working on curriculum - Share with small groups, then move on to big group. Include whole-group / small group reflective questions.
  • How have disruptive technologies played a role in your curriculum redesign process?

  • Address the attitudes and beliefs of curriculum redesign - elicit emotion, draw the audience in.
  • Help us help you? What can we do as administrators to help make this a smooth process?
  • I really like the approach we took with the tcc and getting students in during the prof development day - Which lends itself to the professional development portion of this. Redesign and re-writing curriculum is one of the best forms of professional development. What should this look like?
  • Maria's conceived map for Digital Remix should be included in this somewhere.
  • Three aspects to curriculum: Planned, Enacted, and Executed - Can we include all three or are we just focusing on the curriculum planning piece?
  • Bring examples of outcomes - what have students done? Get feedback from the TCC department. Use results from the connections survey.
  • This process, from our perspective, must include support. How have we done this? What else should we do?

  • Small group / large group consensus of curriculum change: What comes from the top and what comes from the bottom?
  • Best practices for curricular redesign.
  • Professional development - What does this look like throughout the curriculum redesign cycle.

What can attendants can bring back to apply to their districts? Either tangible or theory?
  • Best practices for curricular redesign.

Time: 90 minutes